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This is the AS Seqs & Tools plugin, a paid but afordable collection of modules for the open source virtual modular synthesizer application VCV Rack made from the perspective of a user and musician, and focused on useful features with a nice graphic user interface and small footprint, because even in a virtual rack, space and look matters.



ReCon: ReStep SEQ helper

This module is used to control ReStep module, with Pause, Reset and Run buttons.

ReStep: 4 step chainable sequencer

It's a 1 to 4 step sequencer module, but you can chain as many modules as you want to create the perfect length sequence, every time.

ReBit: Trigger SEQ/Clock divider

Inspired by TipTop Audio Trigger Riot, this module uses 4 clock dividers in one column to create trigger patterns using the sum output. You can also use each clock divider by it's own thru the direct outputs.

ReBeat: Trigger SEQ/Clock divider

Inspired by TipTop Audio Trigger Riot, this module uses 4 clock dividers in a four rows/four columns configuration to crete trigger patterns using each row/column output to get different combinations. Is best suited to create amazing drum patterns, but you can get creative and use it to trigger sequences, etc.

ReQ: Scale & Octave Quantizer

Set the root note, Octave range and scale on this module, then set your sequencer notes in realtime thanks to the Q NOTE display, can't get any easier.

ReNote: Octave & Semitone transposer

Change your sequence octave and semitones via three Independant channels. You can also feed a single cv to the uppermost channel and thanks to the normalized inputs, use the other two channels to create chords on the fly without any hassle.

ReFluke: Noise, Sample & Hold and Gate generator

3 functions in one module:
Noise generator: select from 4 noise flavors: White, Pink, Red and Grey.
Sample & hold: use the internal noise generator or feed your own signal to create custom voltages, and tweak the speed, scale and offset with the included clock divider and attenuverter controls, no need for extra modules now!.
Gate generator: convert the clock input into a short gate to trigger envelopes, etc. Just use the switch to change the output port from noise to gate and you are ready to go.

ReGate: Trigger to variable length Gate generator (Also Gate to Trigger)

Feed it with a clock signal to convert it to a gate with cv modulable length (and short/long range via switch or cv)
for amazing results when controlling an ADSR module.
You can also feed a Gate signal and convert it to a Trigger signal!.

A/B/Y: ABY switch

Route your INPUT signal path to OUTPUTS A or B, or route your INPUT signals A or B to the OUTPUT easily with the included buttons or a manual or sequenced external source.

ReKey: 1V/OCT-KEY Keyboard

In 1/V KEY mode, this module works as a ReQ helper so you can transpose the root note setting by hand on the fly just by pressing the intended key. Or change the mode to 1/V OCT to use it as a simple 1 octave keyboard to feed a VCO module.

Download the pdf manual here: AS Seqs & Tools

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