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This is the AS Drums & Filters plugin, a paid but afordable collection of modules for the open source virtual modular synthesizer application VCV Rack made from the perspective of a user and musician, and focused on useful features with a nice graphic user interface and small footprint, because even in a virtual rack, space and look matters.
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Modules: Drum Kits


This plugin comes with 4 sample based Drum Kits comprised of 3 or 4 modules each one (depending on the drum kit). Every one of the sound samples was carefully tailored and optimized to work well together, and to deliver the great sounds you are looking for without complications.

Thanks to the MORPH control you can modulate the Kick, Snare and Hihat sounds on the fly manually or using the dedicated CV input to get lots of variations and more nuance into your drum sounds.

Each module also comes with a TONE control and CV input so you can tweak even more the drum sounds. Try modulating both controls at the same time, and make your electronic drum patterns more lively and dynamic than ever!

HIP Drum kit

Based on the ever popular TR-808 sounds, this drum kit comes with Kick, Snare, Hihat, Toms and Percussions modules.
Do you like Hip-hop or Pop music?, This is your kit!

TEK Drum kit

Based on the also popular TR-909 sounds, this drum kit comes with Kick, Snare, Hihat and Percussions modules.
4 on the Floor is your thing?, Look no further!

RCK Drum kit

This drum kit is based on the Simmons drums sounds, and it comes with Kick, Snare, Hihat, Toms and Percussions modules.
Remember all those 80's songs drums?, This is the sound you want!

CMP Drum kit

This drum kit is based on the Commodore C64 computer sound chip, it comes with Kick, Snare, Hihat, and Percussions modules.
Want to recreate that old video game soundtrack? Start here!

Modules: Filters


VC Filter

No frills Voltage Controlled Filter in a small module, with FREQUENCY, RESONANCE and MIX controls, each one with dedicated CV input, and a switch to change the filter mode from Low Pass to High Pass. The frequency parameter goes from 40hz to 12mhz, for a nice and easy to use CV Filter that will fit well in your patches without taking away too much precious screen state.

Fixed filter Bank

Sometimes you need precise filter control when designing complex sounds. You can acomplish that with the 12 dedicated band pass filters with 1 octave emphasis/attenuation range, and the Low Pass and High Pass filters included in this module. Both LP and HP fiters come with dedicated CV control. Add this module to your patches to emphazise or attenuate the frequencies on your sounds easily.

Parametric EQ

When the fixed filter bank is too much but you still need some precise control, you can use this module to tweak your sound as you need with the help of the included FREQUENCY knob with a range from 100hz to 12khz, Q knob and LEVEL knob .

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This module set is available for only US$20 at the official vcv rack store, click here to get yours:
AS Drums & Filters

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